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Leads delivered direct to you


Small jobs sent direct to your phone. Accept or ignore for instant control over your workflow.

Quote Requests

Quotes for larger jobs sent direct to your phone via SMS. Check the job to accept or ignore.

Premium Listing

Full control of your own fully-featured webpage to effortlessly showcase your expertise.


More Leads. More Choice

We do the advertising, screening, and communicating with potential clients so you can carry on with the task at hand. Jobs and quote requests are sent via SMS directly to your phone. Respond or not, it’s up to you.

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Fairer. Simpler

Our low yearly cost gives you the best-value lead generation tool you’ll ever have and our single flat success fee is about our work, not yours. 

We can’t do what you do, but we can help you do it faster and cheaper.

Connect +

Add a Pro Listing for year-round coverage of the area of your choice. Includes:

  • 8 km radius
  • Unlimited description
  • Image gallery
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews
  • On-page analytics
  • Connect preferred choice
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Effortless Leads
$ 99
  • 16 km wide search area
  • Unlimited jobs
  • Unlimited quotes
  • $18 success fee

Connect +

Add Pro Listing
$ 199
  • All Connect features
  • Fully-featured webpage
  • Change anything anytime
  • Extra search areas available


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes. Refunds will be given. See our Terms of Service on the menu at the bottom of this page.

Jobs are given on a ‘best match’ based on order of reply, location, and expertise (depending on industry). 

Yes. You can opt out, and back in, anytime. The yearly fee for a Pro Listing is the same with or without Connect.

Property Pages invests heavily in advertising across all search and social channels. Because of this, we are the fastest-growing property hub in the country. Some people prefer to do their own research and will find your Pro Listing on our main site if it’s within an 8 km radius of them.

You can only list on Property Pages if you maintain at least 3 stars out of 5. Your listing will be suspended until either a higher rating is given or the listing expires.

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