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It’s never been tougher to be a tradie. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to advertise your business for free, wherever you choose, 24/7! Just pay once to setup your fully-featured webpage. All you have to do is get good review ratings.

We’re adding over 8000 users per month and are New Zealand’s fastest-growing source of trades, services, advice, and information. It’s also the only marketing tool you’ll ever need. 


  • Connect with clients based on where you work, not where your office is registered.
  • No success fees and clients contact you directly.
  • Choose one or more 16 km ‘Catchment Zones’ where you’ll be found. Move your listing position anywhere your customers are and add more zones with a single click. Click the map to see how it works.
  • Use your office address if you have one or hide your location and make your address “City-wide” or similar. Perfect for those who work from home.


Click to see coverage.

Add up to 3 zones. Drag to reposition, drag and enlarge the map, and refresh the page to clear.

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  • Fully-featured webpage with unlimited text, header image and image carousel, testimonials, and Google analytics. Automatically display your content, including contact details, company logo, one-touch phone link for mobile, and link to your company website.
  • Choose to show on a map and to show or hide your actual address.
  • Add catchment zones with a single click. Show all content in the new area with office location if desired.
  • Display reviews and ratings from customers automatically it in all extra catchment zones.

Extra Locations

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  • All features of a Main Listing
  • Choose automatic transfer of images, text, and details as needed
  • Share review comments and star ratings across locations

How it works

1.  Page Setup – We’ll create your stunning webpage using the content you already have. Pay only one setup fee to advertise. Your page will expire without reviews.


Effortless style
$ 119
One Payment
  • Contact information, form, and one-touch calling from mobile
  • Unlimited description
  • Header image and 10-image carousel
  • Testimonial carousel
  • Show or hide office location with optional map
  • Areas of expertise
  • Links to social accounts


Total marketing
$ 279
One payment
  • Custom Setup features plus
  • Industry keyword research and report
  • Keyword rich text for Search Engine Optimisation
  • Tag line created
  • Alt text added to images for SEO
  • Listing created by our marketing team in consultation with you

2. Page Listing – Advertise FREE with every good review rating you get*. Your page will expire without them.


Showcase your business
$ 0
With each review
  • 1 review = 1 month's listing
  • Challenge unfair reviews (see Ts and Cs)
  • On-page Google Analytics
  • Extra locations available
  • Edit anything, anytime after your page is created

Extra Locations

Optional for greater reach
$ 27
  • Additional 16 km catchment zone
  • Automatically duplicates data, reviews, and office address (as chosen) for all locations
  • Reviews from one location are shared with others
  • Show office on all locations (as chosen)

*Review ratings must maintain an average of at least 3/5 stars and may be audited to ensure they are from bonafide customers or industry professionals. See our Ts and Cs for details.

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