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Preparing for Winter

We have been very fortunate and had a great summer, but winter may not be as kind. As a landlord, preparing your property for winter

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NZ Property Podcast EP 126

Mark Honeybone & Sarina Gibbon discuss unenforceable clauses on tenancy agreements In Episode 126 of the NZ Property Podcast, Mark Honeybone sits down with co-host,

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NZ Property Podcast EP 124

Serena Gibbon & Mark discuss how to research developers In this episode, Mark guest co-hosts with Serena Gibbon from the Auckland Property investors’ Association. With

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NZ Property Podcast EP 121

Lessons from Lockdown 2020 In this webinar turned podcast, Mark Honeybone and Pete Chatteris, are joined by Jarrod Kerr the Kiwibank Chief Economist and Kris

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Property Finance and News

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Your Voice

Building, buying, renting, and repairing has never been harder. Share your experience and insights here. Opinions shared on “Your Voice” do not reflect those of Property Pages.

To Those Who Live Alone

As unfortunate as it is, flatting isn’t for everyone. A harsh truth some may delight in. Consequent to this truth, this leaves many to dream

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Flatting Tips

I have spent more than a few years acting like a child in Hamilton East.  As a result of my time being the most average

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Business help for Tradespeople

Tips and tricks to help your business so you can get on with what you do best.

Features on Instagram

Instagram never stops surprising us… recently we have had weekly updates and it looks like it won’t stop anytime soon. Below I highlight the new

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Housing news from RNZ

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Housing news from RNZ.

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